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your 2024 travel outlook

Let’s get right to it: here are the biggest trends expected to influence travel this year.

1. Celebrating life’s milestones on the road*

Life events, both big and small, are becoming the newest reasons to pack your bags and head to the airport (or the open road, if that’s more your speed). From babymoons to retirement celebration getaways and even first-date anniversary trips, people are using life’s most exciting moments as the perfect excuse for travel. And honestly? We’re so here for it.

Insider's Tip: Consider giving travel as a gift this year! Airline and hotel gift cards are a great way to help friends reach their travel goals.

2. Tour Tourism Takes Center Stage*

Are you a fan of a particular artist or band? Tour tourism is gaining popularity, with people planning their trips around catching their favorite acts on stage. Whether it's a local indie band or a global superstar, it's time to let the music guide your travel plans.

Insider's Tip: If you’re traveling for a concert (or just want to spend the night somewhere after), the right accommodations will make all the difference. Plan ahead, and plan early!

3. Set-Jetting: Traveling Through the Screen*

Lights, camera, action! TV-inspired travel, or "set-jetting," is on the rise. Fans are setting out to explore the locations they've fallen in love with on screen. From iconic landmarks to quaint little towns, people are loving the idea of exploring where their favorites were filmed.

Insider's Tip: Work with a travel advisor to help find locations, schedule tours, and more!

4. Navigating the Crowded Skies**

Now, let's talk about the not-so-fun side. Brace yourselves, folks—2024 is expected to be a record breaking year for people traveling, which could mean more flight delays and more issues with flights in general. As the skies get busier, it's crucial to be prepared for potential hiccups in your travel plans.

Insider's Tip: Get to the airport early and consider longer layovers to account for any unexpected delays. It's better to have some extra time than to rush through airports.

5. The Priciest Year Yet**

Hold onto your wallets. More not-so-great news: 2024 is projected to be the most expensive year for travel. Prices have been on the rise for the past three years, and this trend is expected to continue. Ouch!

*Insider's Tip: Plan and book early to snag the best deals. Flexible travel dates and visiting during off seasons can also save you some serious cash.

When Things Go Wrong: Travel Insurance and Travel Advisors to the Rescue

With the expected surge in travel, challenges might become more common. Here's where having a travel advisor and reliable travel insurance can be game-changers. Invest in a good travel insurance plan that covers unexpected hiccups. Having a travel advisor on speed dial can also make a world of difference when navigating travel-related challenges.

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